Everyone talks, one delivers, the new Actros. This is the recently launched claim for Mercedes-Benz Actros and with the new truck crowned International Truck of the Year 2020, it is clear that the brand is living up to its claim.

It was November 2019, when specialist commercial vehicle journalists from Europe, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Australia and China voted the Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck of the Year for the fifth time since the first generation. In line with the jury rules, the title is awarded annually to the truck that makes the biggest contribution towards road transport innovations that are advantageous to the economy, emissions, safety, drivability and comfort of vehicles. “We are very proud and excited to introduce this phenomenal truck in the year in which it essentially holds the Global Truck of the Year title. This is not only historic for our market, but validates our progressive efforts to close the gap between our local and international product offerings, states Michael Dietz: CEO Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa.

Introducing over sixty-four new technological features and advancements on the Actros, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is undoubtedly committed to the ongoing development of its products to ensure lower total costs, greater safety, and maximized use for customers. “Approximately two years ago, we launched the fourth generation Actros with resounding market success and today we are extremely honored to fulfil our promise to expediently introduce the latest technology on the range without further delay”, says Maretha Gerber: Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks

In comparison to its predecessor, customers can expect up to 5% percent lower fuel consumption on the advanced Actros range, of which the biggest contributor is the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). Mercedes-Benz Trucks is advancing trucking into a new dimension of fuel-saving driving with this technological feature. Depending on the traffic situation ahead, PPC can realize significant fuel savings. In addition to a satellite-based positioning system, PPC uses accurate digital road maps that contain data on topography, which means the truck knows the road and route profile ahead. This allows the new Actros to employ an anticipatory driving style, saving as much fuel as possible and ensuring optimal driver support.