Ford’s extensive range of fleet customers, such as RAM Couriers, provide optimal conditions to test a vehicle’s characteristics with a sharpened focus on quality, reliability, and durability. This was recently highlighted when one of RAM’s locally assembled Ford Rangers reached 500 000km, after playing an integral part in the courier company’s nationwide operations since taking delivery in 2019.

This durability milestone cements Ranger’s position as the go-to for businesses thanks to its ability to withstand demanding around-the-clock schedules, while delivering consistent performance matched to exceptional efficiency. This particular Ranger, a previous-generation 2.0L Single Turbo XLT 4×4, has been subjected to a difficult work schedule without encountering any major mechanical issues. The 2.0L Single Turbo engine also forms part of the Next-Gen Ranger line-up, introduced at the end of 2022.

“We wanted to demonstrate the reliability of this engine and drivetrain, so in 2019 we contacted RAM and entered a Partner Centred Development Program supported by local product development, service engineering, and our quality and fleet sales teams,” says Adriaan Mocke, Vehicle Integration Engineer at Ford South Africa. “The vehicle has exceeded all our expectations while establishing itself as a legend within RAM’s fleet,” says Mocke.

Although the vehicle is completely standard apart from a canopy, it was also fitted with a standalone data-logging device to monitor powertrain parameters and possible fault codes across a variety of situations and road conditions. This information was regularly monitored by Ford to ensure peace of mind, understand the customer’s needs, and minimise vehicle downtime.

“We are incredibly proud of our enduring partnership with RAM Couriers and its outstanding achievement with the Ford Ranger. This milestone signifies our commitment to engineering vehicles that can handle the most demanding conditions, while enhancing our reputation for quality, reliability, and durability. It’s a testament to the quality of our products and the trust our customers place in us,” concludes Mocke.

“This Ranger has not only risen to every challenge it has encountered but it has become a favourite among our large fleet,” says Sampie Bosman, fleet manager at RAM. “With the vehicle often required to travel distances of up to 10 000kms a week, we predicted that the 500 000km milestone would be feasible in a short space of time and we shared Ford’s enthusiasm and pride in achieving this goal.”

“Its resilience on various terrains, weather conditions, and extensive road trips while typically carrying a heavy payload underlines its car-like comfort and overall robustness. The 10-speed automatic gearbox fitted on this generation Ranger not only makes these distances effortless, it also reduced fuel consumption by keeping the vehicle in the optimal gear at any given point. The Ranger’s multi-faceted role as a workhorse and leisure vehicle has helped turn every kilometre into a safe and reliable one,” concludes Bosman. 

Over the course of its time with RAM Couriers, the Ranger has surpassed all expectations and become an authentic ambassador for everyone involved. As Ford and RAM Couriers celebrate this remarkable accomplishment, it also gives Ranger customers confidence in their personal vehicle and inspires them to experience these qualities out on the road.