Chery has further expanded the appeal of the Tiggo 4 PRO with the introduction of a slick-shifting dual-clutch transmission (DCT) with additional technology and interior updates.

“The new model is a perfect example of how we respond to the current or Potential Customer feedback (done by our research team). With the introduction of the DCT, we will target performance and efficiency, integrated with interior and new technology updates,” says Mark Ma, Assistant General Manager of Chery South Africa.

“We have been in constant contact with existing Chery Tiggo 4 PRO owners and have learned that many would like to upgrade their Tiggo 4 PRO experience with a sportier transmission and a better fuel-efficient consumption option. To add, this has prompted our engineers to include the DCT transmission as an option, expanding the T4 Line-up to attract a customer seeking a DCT gearbox”.

Aside from offering an engaging driving experience for a Family SUV, the DCT also offers a fuel-saving benefit.

One of the key focus points was to improve the fuel consumption optimization, this was done in China and in South Africa. Our Chery engineers have proven that the new transmission can save close to half-a-litre fuel per 100 km during their durability testing of the new model and transmission. In the measurement of testing on actual roads in South Africa, it approximately saves close to 1.6 litres of fuel per 100 km (depending on driving style and environmental conditions)

The fuel consumption improvement is noticeable in the turbo-charged 108 kW version of this engine.

Another fact that will be noticed is how Chery is not only focusing on the improvement for the new product, rather the team is duly dedicated on optimizing the driving experience and fuel consumption for the previous T4 buyer. There is a new software update for the Tiggo4Pro CVT version which is currently being tested. Chery South Africa has invited several customers privately to join the test team. Initial results show a significant improvement in fuel consumption tests on actual South African roads. This new software will soon be available to customers – a true testament to Chery’s commitment to customer orientation.

In typical Chery fashion, the engineers and product planning team have used the introduction of the new transmission to also add extra interior and technology updates.

The New centre console layout shares commonality of the popular Tiggo 7 Pro, with additional storage space and an integrated 15W wireless charging pad (Elite model only) and touch-screen air conditioning screen with controls for both air conditioning zones.

Buyers of the Elite SE version of the Tiggo 4 PRO with DCT will be surprised to find a new high-resolution infotainment screen with offline navigation, a radio data system (RDS) equipped radio and wireless connectivity for Android (Android Auto) and Apple (Apple CarPlay) devices.

With the introduction of the Tiggo 4 PRO with DCT, the entire Tiggo PRO range will now offer the option of a DCT. This includes the 7-speed DCT in the Tiggo PRO 7 MAX and the Tiggo PRO 8 MAX models.