Two Arocs for Construction vehicles were initially launched. The Arocs 3336K/36 Tipper Chassis and the Arocs 3236B/51 8×4 Mixer Chassis. Initially one cab variant will be available. The S-Cab ClassicSpace.

The comfortable ClassicSpace S-Cab is designed fully for the needs and comfort of the driver in solo operation in short-haul applications. It is designed on the basis of state-of-the-art ergonomic and safety criteria. It also maximises the space available for body installation behind the cab. The cab also features the newly-developed seat concept with seats that have wider seat cushions. The functional colour concept of the interior design in flannel grey and greige enhances the feeling of well-being.

At launch only the 265kW (360hp) 12.8 litre OM460 Euro III engine will be initially available with further engine outputs planned for later. For the first time in a construction vehicle the engine output is transferred as standard by an automated Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission.

Drive programmes are available which have been specifically developed for the vehicle’s varied range of applications. For construction vehicles the “Off-Road Drive” programme is standard.

Off-road drive mode offers the driving set-ups Standard, Economy, Off-road and Manual. It is optimised for the special requirements of construction-site traffic. It supports economic driving styles just as much as improved handling when pulling away or manoeuvring on building sites or when driving slowly along challenging terrain.

On gravel roads or off-road the above-mentioned drive mode offers ideal performance in the respective situation in terms of dynamism when pulling away under high loads, gearshift points and shift dynamics.

The Arocs 3236B/51 is an 8×4 concrete mixer with 35 ton Gross Vehicle Weight that consistently makes the most of every possibility of reducing its own kerb weight. It features a weight optimised hypoid rear axle, light-weight aluminium fuel tank, disc brakes and aluminium rims to reduce kerb weight and increase payload. This enables the 8×4 mixer chassis to supply 8m3 of ready-mixed concrete on every trip.

The Arocs 3336K/36 is a versatile tipper chassis with a short rear overhang featuring robust planetary axles, a double disc clutch, robust drum brakes, optimised for off-road use and a 16-speed Powershift 3 automated transmission with the “Off-Road Drive” programme as standard.

The application specific mounting elements provide for a bodybuilder friendly and fast mounting process. For all freight carriers the platform mounting brackets are standard, all mixer chassis are standard with the mixer mounting brackets and all tipper chassis come standard with the tipper mounting brackets, together with the modular bolted frame, the 50 mm chassis hole pattern and the new generation Parameterisable Special Module (PSM) the turnaround time at a bodybuilder is significantly reduced.

The new Arocs for Construction comes standard with a 1 year/unlimited kilometre complete vehicle warranty and a 3 year/250,000km/5000 hours standard warranty on the powertrain.