Developed by Volvo I-Shift is fully synchronised with the rest of the truck since the transmission uses information available from both the engine and the vehicle to work together in the most optimum way for different usages and truck combinations. Celebrating its 20 years in service, this synchronisation is what sets I-Shift apart and makes it so versatile.

 When I-Shift was first launched in 2001, Volvo Trucks confirmed its strong belief in a clutch-based transmission system as the most efficient design for automatic gear-changing. Since then, more than one million trucks have been sold globally with I-Shift technology. Today, all Volvo FH, FH16, FM and FMX trucks are fitted with I-Shift as standard. Being an automated system, I-Shift contributes to lower fuel consumption – thereby reducing environmental impact – as well as improved safety and driveability benefits regarding reduced noise, vibrations and physical strains on the driver.

 I-Shift’s success lies in its ability to work with the entire powertrain since this transmission system is tailored to the engine and vehicle components already from the development phase. With continuous improvements over the years, I-Shift has been able to meet the demands of a wide range of transport applications, not only for high performance and efficiency but also for optimum driveability and comfort.

 “I-Shift will continue to be improved for diesel trucks and it will also play an important role in our electromobility journey. As an advanced automotive technology I-Shift offers unique abilities to contribute to Volvo’s fully autonomous transport solutions of the future”, concludes Par Bergstrand – Heavy Duty Transmission Manager, Volvo Trucks.