With such a wide variety of trailer types available, selecting the best trailer for the job may seem challenging. To narrow it down: the brand and model you choose mainly will depend on the cargo being transported.

When choosing a specific trailer aspect such as the content of load to be transported, the distance travelled as well as the functionality, strength, capacity, construction, licensing, insurance and safety of the trailer, need to be taken into consideration.

Due to specific needs, different loads require different trailer configurations.

The construction, suspension, warranty and brand reputation of the trailer may also be key factors to bear in mind.

PRBB, a preferred truck trailer manufacturer in South Africa, offers a wide range of durable trailers for a greater payload. Thanks to their innovative design, rigorous production processes and the use of superior materials PRBB trailers are at the leading-edge of the market. Satisfied customers vouch for PRBB’s unmatched durability, reliability and efficiency enabling them to generate greater productivity and ultimately increase productivity.