Hino South Africa, which is has been a long-time pacesetter in terms of the quarterly, national DATATrack comparative customer satisfaction study, made a clean sweep of all three categories evaluated in the fourth quarter of 2021. Hino scored an unprecedented 100% in the Sales section, which went along with 99.44% for Technical Service, 98.77% for Parts supply and these scores all equated to a Combined score of 99.40%, just below Hino’s previous highs of 99.78% and 99.72%.

“These strong results in all aspects of our business are an ideal way for the Hino team to kick off 2022,” commented Pieter Klerck, General Manager of Hino South Africa. “This is an amazing performance because the country has been in various stages of lockdown since March 2020, which has impacted on all aspects of the way a dealership operates. These outstanding scores demonstrate how all those in the Hino value chain in South Africa have risen to the challenge and lifted our customer experience ranking to the highest levels.”

The DATATrack independent customer satisfaction survey of local truck owners and fleet operators has been undertaken quarterly since 1989 and the current database used by DATATrack consists of 37 500 truck and fleet operators in South Africa. The survey is conducted telephonically, and those people interviewed are asked eight questions pertaining to each of the three disciplines.

The quarterly survey currently measures the performance of 12 truck brands – four from Japan, six from Europe and one each from India and China. This ensures that the survey has great credibility as a benchmark of performance in terms of Sales, Technical Service, and Parts supply.

“Our ongoing success in this local, in-depth customer experience survey is largely due to our ongoing application of Hino’s international Total Support strategy to all our operations. This programme, which has been in use for several years now, involves building and maintaining strong bonds between Hino Japan, Hino South Africa, our dealers, service providers and customers,” concluded the Hino SA General Manager.