Managing the total cost of ownership is pivotal to every transporter in order to achieve the highest possible profit from their vehicles. Babcock helps DAF Trucks customers to keep running costs as low as possible through a total transport solution that comprises predictive forecasting, fleet management and flexible finance options for the new range of DAF XF and CF trucks.

From tailor-made financing packages to fleet management and maintenance contracts, the comprehensive transport solutions model utilises predictive forecasting for cash flow preservation to assist DAF customers in getting the best value from their assets. 

“We partner with DAF customers to provide inclusive solutions by considering all factors contributing to the lowest possible running cost, not just of trucks but also trailers,” explains Rhenier Kapp, Business Development Manager for Babcock.

Flexible financing options

Babcock’s total transport solutions begin when purchasing a DAF truck, and customers can choose from a range of flexible financing options, all of which can be tailored to suit individual requirements. These include flexible finance structures including payment-free periods, variable finance periods, interest rates, balloon payments/residual values and quick decisions for credit approvals. 

Kapp adds that Babcock also offers guaranteed buy-backs and trade-backs that can assist in managing customers’ costs and cash flows.

In addition, all trucks financed via Babcock’s financial services are sold with a repair and maintenance contract. “These managed maintenance and service plans are structured to ensure the lowest possible operating costs and timely servicing for reducing downtime,” says Kapp. 

Real-time data from Executrax

Specifically designed to assist in controlling fleet costs is Babcock’s Executrax fleet management system, offering increased productivity, driver management and reduced costs associated with driver abuse, theft and preventative maintenance. 

Kapp says that the high-tech on-board system comes standard with all DAF Trucks and delivers a seamless flow of real-time information by combining high-definition telemetry with an array of critical fleet management features and real-time visibility on the exact location of the vehicle.

Vehicle owners can use the detailed telemetry logged data to track locations, driving behaviour, and vehicle and driver safety. Productivity monitoring reports include vehicle speed, engine revolutions, fuel consumption monitoring, engine hours, idle time, and driver performance, with the system also providing increased safety with anti-hijacking, anti-jamming and anti-fuel theft functionalities.

“Executrax gives DAF Trucks owners the tools to better monitor their assets, where any potential problems can be immediately identified and effectively managed for improved productivity,” Kapp says. He adds that the system can also be used to highlight and reward the efforts of dedicated staff.

Babcock provides DAF Trucks customers with user training, and the Executrax dashboard can be optimised to log data according to individual preferences.

Babcock’s Managing Director for Transport Solutions, Marius Barnard, comments that Executrax is also the only telematics system of its kind in South Africa that is compatible with any brand of vehicle, including passenger vehicles.

“This is a notable benefit to our DAF Trucks customers who can use Babcock’s system to monitor their entire fleet, regardless of the brand of truck,” says Barnard.

Streamlined truck and trailer maintenance

A further value-add from Babcock for DAF Trucks customers is the bespoke on-site truck and trailer maintenance and service offering for qualifying fleets. While Babcock has always provided on-site truck assistance, the inclusion of trailer running gear maintenance aims to streamline the servicing process and reduce transporter downtime. This will also be offered at all Babcock dealerships.

“Babcock lets the customer handle the transport while we do the rest,” says Barnard.

Pure Excellence

The sleek new XF and CF range of DAF trucks distributed by Babcock represent pure excellence in transport efficiency, setting new benchmarks in fuel economy as well as improved productivity and profitability. They are optimised for Africa’s geological conditions, and driver training is offered as part of the handover process, with courses available through Babcock to help drivers reduce fuel consumption, anticipate hazards better and increase road safety.