It all starts with the availability of the correct Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) within a range of trucks. Nothing could be easier than selecting from South Africa’s widest truck range. The New Generation Isuzu N & F-Series trucks with 23 N-Series models offer GVMs from 4,200kg to 8,500kg and 24 F-Series models offer GVMs from 11,000kg to 26,000kg.

When it comes to towing and trailer operations, Isuzu N-Series includes Gross Combination Masses (GCM) ranging from 7,050kg to 12,000kg with the F-Series GCMs ranging from 16,000kg to 36,000kg.

Vehicle selection does not stop at GVM & GCM – a wide range of transmissions includes the class-leading Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). There are four N-Series models equipped with AMT and six F-Series models with AMT technology. Allison torque convertor transmissions are available in the Isuzu FV1400 while the New Generation Model FVM 1200 moves up from a 6-speed ZF -to a 9-speed ZF transmission.

Cab configuration – a critical choice for crew transport

Again, Isuzu leads in the safe transfer of driver and crew. It is a legal requirement that goods and passengers must be separated by a partition. The new N-Series has five crew cab models with GVMs ranging from 5,500kg to 7,700kg, with the new F-series at 14,000kg GVM two models.

Isuzu’s New Variable Warranty Enhances Fleet Owner Choice

The first of its kind in South Africa, Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSA) is now offering an innovative aftersales solution in the form of Variable Warranty plans. These are specifically tailored to fit the needs of short, medium, or long-haul operators and will enhance Isuzu truck customer experience.

The Isuzu Variable Warranty Plan allows greater flexibility for truck customers. In addition to the standard two-year unlimited kilometre warranty, customers and operators can opt-in on a Variable Warranty plan, extending the warranty period to either three, four or five years.

The Variable Warranty Plan is valid from the date of sale of a new vehicle to the original retail purchaser up to a maximum of 500 000 km on N-Series trucks, and 700 000 km on F- and FX-Series trucks. Maintenance terms and conditions apply to the specific Variable Warranty selected.

The Variable Warranty Plan is available at no additional upfront cost on all new Isuzu truck chassis cabs across the N-Series, F-Series, and FX-Series ranges purchased and operating in South Africa. This excludes truck bodies and certain applications such as tippers, compactors, and mixers.

T&C’s apply with regarding specific service/maintenance schedules

Telematics for the Entire Isuzu Truck Range

Isuzu satisfies modern fleet management expectations with the most up to date telematics system. Telematics offers real-time fleet management and driver development – it is an essential component of driver training. Telematics is also leading evidence in any court action following a road incident and thus protects a driver against spurious claims.

The entire Isuzu range benefits from a telematics-ready truck and stolen vehicle recovery hardware installed at factory. This includes a panic button and driver ID tag reader already installed.

Compatible with the Mix Telematics fleet management system, it is also compatible with existing 3rd party fleet management systems at a small additional cost. The stolen vehicle recovery service ready – BEAME – has been installed for some years now.

Tubeless Tyres – Fleet Owners Choice

The entire Isuzu truck range now comes equipped with tubeless tyres. The advantage built into tubeless tyres is cooler running – the result of no friction between a tube and the tyre itself. Lower operating temperature has the additional benefit of extending the tyre life for lower variable costs.

Less rolling resistance from a tubeless tyre turns in lower fuel consumption – lowering the cost of ownership.


Market demand for Isuzu as a used truck sets the tone of the biggest fixed cost factor – depreciation. All the engineering fine-tuning comes together in ensuring a second economic life for an Isuzu used truck. This brings a return on the cost of investing in a new Isuzu N or F-Series lowering the total cost of ownership.