OMODA, a leading automotive brand, is proud to announce that the OMODA 5 has been awarded with the prestigious five-star safety rating by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). This noteworthy recognition underscores OMODA’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety and protection for both drivers and pedestrians. The five-star ANCAP safety rating further solidifies OMODA 5’s position as a global leader in automotive safety standards.

OMODA 5 performed impressively in various safety categories, achieving 87% for Adult Occupant Protection, 88% for Child Occupant Protection, 68% for Vulnerable Road User Protection, and 83% for Safety Assist.

Recognizing the paramount role that safety features play in minimizing road accidents and preserving lives, OMODA’s achievement of the five-star ANCAP safety rating for the OMODA 5 serves as a testament to the brand’s ongoing dedication to developing and delivering the safest vehicles possible.

During the most recent Easter weekend period, the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) recorded an average of 2,000 vehicles per hour passing through tollgates. Tragically, this period saw a total of 185 fatal crashes resulting in 225 fatalities. Pedestrians were the most vulnerable road users, accounting for 44.4% of all fatalities, followed by passengers at 27.7%, and drivers at 25.6%. Cyclists accounted for 1.3% of fatalities, while the road user status of 1% could not be determined.

“As a brand, we are fully committed to collaborating with road safety authorities and stakeholders to raise awareness about road safety practices and promote the adoption of advanced safety technologies,” says says Tony Liu, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa. “Through continued innovation and collaboration, OMODA will strive to make significant contributions to the collective efforts in creating safer roads for everyone.”

“The success of OMODA 5 in the rigorous ANCAP tests can be attributed to its strong focus on user safety and the relentless pursuit of safety excellence. Designed as a cross-style SUV to meet the diverse needs of global consumers, the OMODA 5 excels in body structure, safety configuration, and adaptability to different environments and road conditions worldwide”, continues Liu.

The OMODA 5 has a 78% high-strength steel body structure that is capable of withstanding pressures up to 1800 MPa, which provides stable and non-deforming protection during accidents. A comprehensive range of airbags are fitted inside the vehicle, including front airbags, side airbags, side curtain airbags, and middle airbags, ensuring the safety of its occupants.

Moreover, the OMODA 5 incorporates cutting-edge intelligent technology, offering the ultimate driving and riding safety experience. Its advanced intelligent driving assistance system includes features such as ACC adaptive cruise control, ensuring a safer journey for drivers and passengers.

The five-star ANCAP safety rating truly reflects OMODA’s product philosophy of ‘safety integrated into the DNA.’ With successful launches in 12 global markets and an impressive cumulative export sales of 70,821 units in the first half of this year, the OMODA 5 has been recognized as the third best-selling export model in China in June. As OMODA 5’s global certification and sales continue to flourish, the brand is poised to gain even deeper trust from its global user base.