ISUZU Trucks proudly celebrates its remarkable 11-year reign as the number one brand in South Africa’s cab-over-chassis’ medium and heavy commercial vehicle (MCV and HCV) segments. Despite market challenges, ISUZU Trucks continues to dominate, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Medium commercial vehicle segment: In 2023, ISUZU Trucks maintained a significant presence in the Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV) segment. The sales results showcase the brand’s resilience and market leadership:

  • Total volume for 2023: 1,632 units, reflecting a 5.1% decline from 2022’s 1,720 units.
  • Market share for 2023: 30.8%, indicating a 1.4% decrease from 2022’s 32.2%.
  • Consistent leadership: ISUZU Trucks secured the top volume-selling cab-over-chassis (excluding van and bus) position for all 12 months, with March standing out as the best sales month, achieving a remarkable 198 units.

Heavy commercial vehicle segment: ISUZU Trucks’ performance in the Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) segment highlights its adaptability and strength in a dynamic market:

  • Total volume for 2023: 1,160 units, compared to 2022’s 1,223 units.
  • Market share for 2023: 21.2%, reflecting a notable 0.7% increase from 2022’s 20.5%.
  • Despite a decrease in volume within the segment, ISUZU Trucks has successfully increased its overall market share.

Achieving top spot: ISUZU Trucks proudly claims the title of the #1 top-selling cab-over-chassis brand in both the MCV and HCV segments in South Africa. The success is further exemplified by the NPR 400 and FTR 850 models, which stood out as the top volume-selling model derivatives, showcasing the brand’s ability to meet diverse market demands.

“We are immensely proud of this achievement and grateful for the support of our valued customers, dealerships, and partners who have played a crucial role in our continued success”, said Craig Uren, Senior Vice President Revenue Generations (SACU) at ISUZU Motors South Africa. He furthermore expressed gratitude for the continued support of customers, dealerships, and partners, stating, “These results reinforce our dedication to providing high-quality, innovative solutions. ISUZU Trucks remains committed to setting industry standards and driving the future of commercial transportation.”

As ISUZU Trucks embarks on another year, the brand is poised to build on its legacy of excellence, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions.


Graig Uren and Billy Toms